About Us (and about you)

Universe of Faith is a website which offers an opportunity to be accompanied in one’s faith through a virtual medium. It is particularly aimed at Catholics who consider themselves as believers but who do not consider themselves as belonging to the Church and to those who see themselves as somehow ‘Christian’ but who do not see themselves as quite believing what the Church believes.

Universe of Faith is the work of people of all ages, mostly but not only Maltese and Gozitan young people both those who are in peaceful possession of faith and those who have left the faith or the Church. The content of this website is faithful to the Catholic faith with space for journeying, questioning, doubting, and searching.

At Universe of Faith we do our utmost to offer meaningful contributions; we strive to speak simply yet profoundly to ordinary men and women seeking an inspiring guide to the inner life, one that never forsakes the world of reality. We try to make more tangible the idea of finding God in all things and subject areas; we use technology as a means to trigger experiences which take root in the human heart and continue in one’s life.

Universe of Faith people's contributionWe are looking for personal stories, reflections from life on Bible verses, art work, videos and more. We are interested in what’s original, new, meaningful, timely, speaks faith. If you wish to send us an item or give feedback, you are most welcome. We’ll be glad if you get in touch with us. Material may be shortened or edited.

If you wish to contact the author of a particular writing/picture feel free to contact us on hello@universeoffaith.org. We are people on the move, journeying in our relationships, in our aloneness, in our communities, exploring and investing in the life-giving encounter with God. We want to share this with others and listen to others.

Unless noted otherwise, the material of this website is copyright free. Material uploaded is re-usable.

Universe of Faith is an initiative of the Pastoral Formation Institute, Malta.