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Is the morning after pill Plan B abortifacient?

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Euthanasia - What about those who want to remove the pain of their loved ones?

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Millions don't speak with a family member. Millions spend fortunes in therapy to undo the ills received from their family. Is the family overrated?

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How can Catholic LGBTIQ feel more welcomed in religious youth groups?

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What’s the idea behind the Month of Creation?

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It's hard to say I'm Catholic when I see things like abuses by priests and wealthy Church people. How do I deal with this?

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Low gluten and gluten free hosts explained...

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What are we living for? Why does humanity exist?

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How important is the male-female dimension in marriage?

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Why does the Church keep maintaining that the inclination of homosexuality must be seen as an "objective disorder" ?

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What's the difference between secular and Christian spirituality?

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What about those who cannot follow the Natural Family Planning method suggested by the Church?

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What is afterlife?

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Single life, not by choice - exploring this vocation

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How can the Church on a local level grow in her spirit of poverty?

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Who is the man behind Santa Claus?

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Can spirituality contribute to the well-being of a person experiencing mental health issues?

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The fact that Jesus did not sin, can we say that he was fully human?​

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Who can really quench my thirst?

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Who are the Fathers of the Church?

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Downs syndrome - can love and pain live together?

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"Why does the Church give plenary indulgences? It feels like God's love and mercy is "for sale" at times but not in others?"

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Carnivor, vegeterian, vegan, fast foods. Any insights from the faith regarding what to eat?

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How can I have a healthy relationship with money?

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When one has been unfaithful to one’s partner, how can the persons involved live happily with that mistake, the betrayed and the betrayer?

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If Christ said "Do this in memory of me" why does the Church teach that there is the real presence of Jesus in the bread and the wine?

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How can I become a "Green Catholic"?

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At times I find it hard to believe, especially when life hits hard or when I feel sinful...

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Sometimes it feels like God chooses some and excludes others in the Old Testament. Why is this?

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I'm experiencing a loss. How can I heal?

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I feel quite happy, but when I see the sufferings of others I often feel sad. How do I deal with this?

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How can religion go hand in hand with today's hectic modern life?

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